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Student Conduct

Student Conduct


Before and After School

In the morning before the bell …

  • School starts at 7:50am. It is recommended that students be in the building no later than 7:40am.
  • On Mondays, school starts at 8:50 a.m.  Students should be in the building no later than 8:40 a.m.  Late start Mondays are for teacher professional development.
  • Students may come to the office to pay fees or deposit money in their lunch accounts.
  • Teachers are available to students around 7:30 a.m.
  • Once students arrive on school grounds, they may not leave without signing out through the Office.

After school ...

  • School ends at 2:54 p.m.
  • After school, students are expected to leave school grounds by 3:10 p.m. unless they are participating in a supervised activity. Students may stay after school for Study Tables on designated days.
  • If you are in a supervised activity, your parents should be aware of the daily ending time so that they can be here 5 minutes early to pick you up.

Dress and Appearance

  1. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Clothing should not be distracting in the classroom, nor hinder movement. Pajamas, slippers, and costumes may only be worn on special dress-up days approved by the administration.
  2. Face paint, writing on the body, or anything that distracts the learning environment will not be allowed.  
  3. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  4. Clothing, material, articles or objects promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, hate groups, and/or gangs, are unacceptable (which would include wearing an article such as bandanas, gang related apparel, offensive language, or other inappropriate items).
  5. Trench coats and/or dusters may not be worn during school.
  6. Crop tops, half-shirts, and spaghetti straps are not allowed.  All shirts must have a minimum of a 2” strap over the shoulder.  No revealing clothing (low-cut, see-through/sheer, backless, strapless, etc.) is allowed.
  7. Clothing that is torn, ripped, slashed or full of holes is not appropriate school attire if the pant holes are above the fingertip length when arms are hanging loosely at the side.
  8. Underclothes should not be visible at any time.
  9. Shorts and skirts should not be distracting and be of a reasonable length to permit movement, without being revealing. A general rule of thumb is that they should come to the mid-thigh or longer.
  10. No hats, hoods or bandanas may be worn over the head.
  11. Eyes must be visible in order for learning and communication to take place. Students will not be permitted to wear sunglasses in the building unless there is a medical reason.  
  12. The school/Administration has the discretion to determine appropriate school dress.

Items Not Permitted at School

Electronic devices:  It is recommended that personal electronis such as cell phones, be left at home. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. If students are found using ANY personal electronics during class, they will be taken and the privilege of having it at school could be revoked. Davis Middle School is NOT responsible for items left unattended and/or unsecured. Students are provided lockers to secure their valuables. When students insist upon leaving their possessions unattended and unlocked, they do it at their own risk.


When Cell Phones or any other electronics are taken away from you at school:  

First Warning:  The first time your electronic device is taken, you may retrieve it in the office after the school day has ended.

Second Warning: The next time this happens, your parent/guardian will be required to pick up the device from the office personally.  Students will be warned NOT to bring the device to school anymore.

Third Warning: The electronic device will be kept in a secure location at the school until parents can pick it up personally from the principal.


Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades: Students may ride bicycles, scooters, skateboards to school, but they must walk them on campus. Riding on campus is a safety hazard. Bicycles must be stored in the bicycle rack located at the front entrance. UCSD#1 is NOT responsible for items left unattended or unlocked. Roller shoes and roller blades are not allowed on campus.

Library/Media Center

The Media Center is open every day before school at 7:30 a.m. and also open at lunch and closes at 3:30 p.m. daily.   


  • You will be assigned a locker the first day of school. You will receive instruction on its use. We expect you to keep your locker clean.
  • Students are to use only the assigned school locks on their hall lockers.  PERSONAL LOCKS ARE NOT TO BE USED on hall lockers. (Personal combination locks are required for P.E. lockers.)  
  • Students are to keep their locker combinations confidential. They should never share thier combination with friends.
  • Students are to only use the locker that has been assigned to them.  LOCKERS ARE NOT TO BE SHARED.
  • Students are responsible for all of their personal belongings.  The school is not responsible for personal belongings left in lockers.  Again, valuable items should not be brought to school, but if you decide to bring them to school, your locker is a much safer place to leave valuable items. Please do not ask to store your personal belongings in the office. Students who leave their belongings unsecured in the hall, gym or commons area do so at their own risk.
  • Defective lockers or difficulties with lockers must be reported to the office.
  • Lockers are the property of the district and are subject to inspection by the administration or their designee at any time without notice or cause. A school official may conduct a search of a student’s person, locker, belongings or other materials in their possession, if the official has a reason/suspicion that a crime has been or is in the process of being committed, or reasonable cause to believe that the search is necessary to maintain a safe school environment or enforce school rules and policy.

Lost & Found

Each year we have truckloads of items that we end up donating to charity.  Please check the lost and found regularly for any missing items. It is located between the custodian’s office and the Refocus Room.  Small items, (i.e., glasses, cell phones, keys, purses, wallets, I.D.’s, and jewelry, etc.) will be turned in to the office and displayed in the office window. The Lost and Found will be cleaned out and donated quarterly throughout the school year.

Parent/Visitor Policy

Davis Middle School welcomes parents to visit.  For the security of our students and staff, all visitors to Davis Middle School must check in at the office upon arrival. All visitors to Davis Middle School must wear a Visitor badge when visiting other parts of the building. Visitors without a badge will be referred back to the office to check in.


Parents needing to meet with teachers should schedule an appointment.  We do not encourage students to be called out of class unnecessarily, however, if a parent must talk to their student, they must wait in the office for their student to be called out of class to come to the office to have their discussion there. Parents and all other visitors are not allowed to interrupt classes to talk to or “check on” their student. Parents/visitors must be on a student’s Emergency Contact in order to speak with them at school or check students out of school.  If a crisis situation develops, students will be released only to people listed on the student’s emergency contact information. Identification may be required. Davis does not allow students from other schools to attend classes. Davis is a closed campus.


Substitutes are critical to the success of our school.  The expectation at Davis is that substitutes will be treated with dignity and respect by all students.


Cell phones are permitted for student use before and after school and at lunchtime only.  PARENTS: If you have a telephone number that requires long distance service, your student will NOT be able to contact you using ANY of the school telephones.  Parents and students should make arrangements for transportation, going home with friends, etc., prior to coming to school.