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Please make sure all fees/fines are paid for in full. Students must have all fees/fines paid for in full in order to receive their yearbook and to participate in end of the year activities (such as going to Lagoon!) DMS is "The Place To Be!"
Student Handbook » Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

General Guidelines for Consequences

Level 1 Minor Misbehavior

Breaking the rules of common courtesy, classroom rules, defying authority, destruction of another’s property, or behavior that could be harmful to self or others.

Examples might include running in the halls, having toys or other dangerous/distracting items, being in an area that is unsupervised, throwing things in a playful way, ignoring dress guidelines, littering, forging notes, tardiness, etc.

Level 2 Major Misbehavior

Behavior where someone is likely to get hurt or injured; blatant defiance for school staff.

Examples might include insubordination, verbally abusing staff or students, truancy, destruction of school property, cruel teasing of others, substitute abuse, etc. *Substitute abuse is extremely serious. Referrals concerning sub abuse are almost always assigned to in-school suspension and/or out-of-school suspension.

Level 3 Severe Misbehavior

Openly dangerous or illegal activities.

Examples might include possession/use/threat of weapons, fighting, use of tobacco, possessions/use/sale of explosives or illegal substances, vandalism, theft, gambling, arson (starting fires), threatening staff or students trespassing, extortion, assault, etc.


Students may be assigned detention by a teacher and/or administrator for a variety of reasons. Examples of detention may include lunch detention and/or re-focus time in the Responsibility Room or other supervised area.

Responsibility Room (RR)

The Responsibility Room (RR) is an alternative to out-of-school suspension and will be used when appropriate for the student and the offense. “Successful” completion of RR will mean the student has engaged in schoolwork or study the entire time. Students may use the RR to make-up schoolwork after absences. Also for P.E. periods that may be excused for medical reasons to work on P.E. packets or for the taking of tests. EACH STUDENT IS TO HAVE MATERIALS AND BOOKS TO STUDY DURING RR. Failure to follow the rules may result in out-of-school suspension.

Out-of-School Suspension

Out-of-school suspension will be assigned when appropriate. Students are not allowed to be on the Davis campus or on anyschool district property during out-of-school suspension. Students may not attend any school functions or extracurricular activities while suspended from school. Parents may request homework. In most cases, students who are suspended will be required to also complete one or more days of in-school suspension (ISS) where they will make up missed work. Out-of-school suspension absences will be counted as unexcused.


Expulsion means the exclusion of a student from attending school and from participation in school activities for a specified period of time, usually not to exceed one calendar year. Again, expelled students are not allowed on any school district property at any time.