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Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan

Davis Middle School is striving to provide an educational environment of the highest quality, an environment that is safe & orderly, and one in which all students can learn and grow.  To accomplish this we must maintain proper discipline. Our plan is to reward positive behavior and to modify negative behavior.  An essential element of this plan is that behavioral expectations are established and clearly understood by all students. The focus of student discipline is to have students accept the responsibility and the consequences of their actions.  

In order to assist students in the pursuit of a quality education, we have established some general expectations for student behavior. We operate under the guiding principle that all students are responsible for their choices, actions and behavior. If a student’s choices, actions, or behavior are in violation of these established rules, there will be a consequence for such.


Classroom Expectations:  The following are general policies for appropriate behavior in the classroom and throughout the school.  All students at Davis will be trained on these expectations the first week of school and as needed.



Violation of Classroom Rules:  


  • First Offense: Informal Student/Teacher Conference (Inappropriate behavior discussed and future consequences identified if behavior continues).
  • Second Offense: Parent Contact (Inappropriate behavior discussed with student and parent, future consequences identified if behavior continues).
  • Third Offense:  Administrative/Behavior Intervention – Office or Refocus Room referral.
  • Severe Clause:  Administrative Intervention – Office referral.
    • When a student commits any Category II or III offense


Discipline Infractions: Offenses will be categorized either as minor, major, or violation of law.

Category I - Minor Offense:  Violation of classroom rules, rules of common courtesy, and violation of another’s rights.

  • Defiance, disrespect, noncompliance
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Tardies
  • Property misuse
  • Dress code violation
  • Inappropriate use of technology (Cell Phones)
  • Rowdiness in the halls
  • Inappropriate displays of affection (PDA)
  • Profanity/swearing
  • Being in a restricted area
  • Use/Possession of nuisance items: toys, laser pointers, etc.
  • Throwing objects
  • Disruptive behavior

Category II—Major Offense: Actions which have a high potential for personal injury, defiance of school authority and violation of ethics.

  • Insubordination/defiance of authority
  • Paraphernalia- lighters, laser pointers, etc…
  • Cheating/dishonesty/forgery/plagiarism
  • Verbal abuse/profanity or obscene disrespectful remarks or gestures
  • Being in an unauthorized area or off school campus
  • Harassment/hazing/intimidation/bullying of another student
  • Misuse of technology. Downloading inappropriate games/programs, inappropriate e-mail, pornographic material, visiting pornographic sites and unauthorized chat rooms
  • Sexual harassment: Includes derogatory or offensive comments, jokes, gestures, slurs, sexual remarks about one’s own or another’s body, sexually suggestive pictures, cartoons, photographs, objects, vulgar language, and sex texting.
  • Provoking a fight
  • Destruction of property
  • Threatening others



Category III—Violation of Law: Violation of public law.

  • Computer hacking
  • Extortion
  • Gambling
  • Graffiti/Tagging/Vandalism
  • Use/possession/distribution of tobacco/alcohol/electronic cigarettes, paraphernalia, or illegal drugs in any form
  • Arson, false fire alarm, bomb threat, fireworks of any kind
  • Possession, threats or use of a weapon
  • Fighting/assault
  • Theft/accepting stolen property
  • Trespassing
  • Threatening others (determined by law enforcement)
  • Truancy

Consequences for Discipline Policy Violations

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Consequences


1st Offense 1 day ASD/LD/WR


2nd Offense 2 days ASD/LD/WR


3rd Offense 1st Offense 1-3 days ASD/LD/WR or 1 day ISS


4th Offense 2nd Offense 2-4 days ASD/LD/WR or 2 days ISS


5th Offense 3rd Offense 3-5 ASD/LD/WR, 2-4 days ISS or 1 day OSS


Chronic 4th Offense 1st Offense 1-3 days ISS/OSS - Meeting with SRO and

Category II                                               mandatory re-entry meeting with parents


5th Offense 2nd Offense 3 - 5 days ISS/OSS - Meeting with SRO, mandatory

                                   re-entry meeting with parents and behavior plan


6th Offense 3rd Offense 5-10 days ISSOSS and/or possible expulsion



ASD = After School Detention

OSS = Out of School Suspension

ISS = In School Suspension                                   

WR = Work Restitution

LD = Lunch Detention


When behavior is determined to be problematic or chronic, a student behavior intervention plan (BIP) will be put into place by the school behavior intervention team.  Student discipline may be determined on a case by case basis.