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Getting Help at School

Getting Help at School

Nurses Office & Medications: Our school nurse is in our building part-time. Davis Middle School and Evanston Middle School share a school nurse. Mrs. Haviland, RN is at Davis Middle School on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday mornings. Mrs. Haviland will be at Evanston Middle School on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday afternoons. In an emergency, Mrs. Haviland can be called to come from one building to go to another. Students may ask their teacher for a pass to see the nurse for health-related reasons.  Please make sure you inform the school of any identified medical/health concerns so that we are aware and can help. Also, parents should notify us of any changes that occur during the school year. Health concerns are kept confidential.

All prescription, or over-the-counter medications must be kept locked in the nurse’s medicine cabinet.  They must be in the ORIGINAL or pharmacy-labeled container (pharmacists will provide a second labeled container upon request) with the correct student name, drug name, dosage, and administration instructions, accompanied by a medical permission form signed by the parent.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE TYLENOL, IBUPROFEN, OR ANY OTHER PAIN MEDICATION.  If a parent desires his/her student to take these medications, the medications must be brought to the nurse’s office in an original container marked with the student’s name.  The medication will then be kept locked in the medicine cabinet and given to the student as needed. We must have a signed parent permission form on file for this medication as well. Any medication left in the nurse’s office at the end of the school year will be discarded as required by the Uinta County School District #1 Medication Policy.

Counseling:  Davis Middle School has a full time Guidance Counselor to help students with their schedule and personal concerns.  Ms. McMahan is our School Counselor and is happy to help students remove barriers to their learning. Mrs. Fackrell is our Special Services Counselor and meets with students individually and with groups of students.  Our counselors conduct classroom and other small group activities, manage system assessments and consult with teachers and parents.  Counselors can assist students in making educational plans, and understanding themselves and others. If a student wishes to see a counselor, he/she should check in with their teacher first, and then bring a pass to the counselor’s office.  Parents may call 789-8096 to make an appointment if they would like to meet with a counselor or have their child see one of our counselors.

School Resource Officer (SRO): The purpose of the SRO is to help provide the school with a safer learning environment. The SRO works to accomplish this by:

  • helping to establish positive working relationships in a cooperative effort and assist in positive student growth and development.
  • helping to maintain a safe and secure environment on campus, which will be conducive to learning.
  • identifying school crime, misbehavior and/or attendance issues.
  • preventing and/or intervening when necessary in school crime misbehavior, and/or attendance issues.
  • providing vigorous criminal law enforcement against school crime.

Homework Request/Make-up Work: Students are asked to email their teachers to request assignments they have missed when they are absent. It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work from their teachers.  Students are allowed two days to make-up work for every one day absent. It is suggested that if a student knows they’re going to be absent, that student should gather homework ahead of time from teachers, prior to being absent.

Study Tables: Our school offers one hour after school for homework help. This is available Tuesday thru Thursday from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Students may utilize this time to receive assistance with their schoolwork. Students who choose to or who are required to attend study tables should be prepared to stay the entire time. Students attending are provided a small snack. Students who are not working productively during study tables will be asked to leave.  Parents should pick up students promptly at 4:00.

TGIF: TGIF days serve two purposes. It allows students who are achieving a C or above in all of their classes to participate in activities of their choice. More importantly, students who are receiving lower grades in their classes are given the opportunity to work on missing assignments, and/or get extra help on schoolwork during TGIF. Parents are encouraged to keep their students at school on these activity days, especially when they are in need of extra time and help. This can be an excellent chance for students to get caught up and ready to move forward with the rest of their class. To qualify to participate in TGIF students must have 100% attendance for the week; no D’s or F’s; have all assignments completed; and no behavior referrals that week.