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Please make sure all fees/fines are paid for in full. Students must have all fees/fines paid for in full in order to receive their yearbook and to participate in end of the year activities (such as going to Lagoon!) DMS is "The Place To Be!"
Student Handbook » Cafeteria



Student I.D. Numbers

The cafeteria meal program is computerized. Each student is assigned an I.D. number when he/she registers. This system allows all students to access their lunch account by pressing their 4-digit student I.D. number into a special keypad located at the end of the serving line. Please encourage students to learn their I.D. numbers.

Payment for Meals

Each student is required to prepay into his/her lunch account. Students should prepay BEFORE school starts each day. The serving line moves more quickly when students have prepaid accounts. Students will not be allowed to charge snacks on their lunch accounts. Please bring cash to buy snacks. Students need to maintain a positive balance at all times for meals. If a student builds a negative lunch balance in excess of $10, that student will be required to eat their lunch in the Responsibility Room until their lunch balance is no longer negative. Other negative lunch balance consequences could be implemented for the last 2 weeks of the school year in order to get negative balances paid.

Lunch Prices

Breakfast is $1.50 and will be served from 7:20 am until 7:40 am. A lunch, including milk is $2.60.

Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

Each school year a new application is required for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program unless the family receives a letter in the mail during the summer stating that a student was pre-approved through the Food Stamp Direct Certification Program. If a student was on the Free and Reduced Meal Program on the last day of the 2010-2011 school year, that status (free or reduced) will NOT be carried over into the new school year. Please re-apply early to insure those students will not be dropped from the program. If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch,PLEASE FILL OUT the forms and return to the school as soon as possible. You will be responsible for any lunch charges incurred during the approval process.

  • Many government grant programs use free & reduced numbers to determine which schools get grant money. Being on free or reduced lunch is not a bad thing for you or our school! Help us make sure your child eats each day.


Students will have a scheduled 30-minute lunch. Lunch times are as follows: 7th @ 11:19 – 11:49 am, 6th @ 12:06 – 12:36 pm, 8th @ 12:53 – 1:23 pm. Davis Middle School is a closed campus; therefore students are not allowed to leave the building for lunch unless a parent/guardian personally comes in and signs them out in the office. Non-students are not allowed on campus during the regular school day. 

Student Lunch Expectations

  • Go to your lockers prior to going to the cafeteria.
  • Bring any money or things you may need during lunch.
  • Students are expected to enter the lunchroom quietly. Walk, do not run.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Both lines turn into one line at the pay station, so be patient.
  • Choose a place to eat and remain in that spot until you are excused to empty your tray.
  • Once you are finished eating and have picked up all trash and crumbs, please raise your hand and a supervisor will dismiss you.
  • Once you get to the disposal area, dump your food & trash in the garbage, & neatly stack your tray.
Students may then go to the dugout, outside or in to the gym – depending on the weather.