Communicate With Us – Please! Your student’s success and well-being are very important to us. If you move, change your phone number or place of employment – please contact the Office (789-8096) with the new information as soon as possible.

Wyoming State Law 21-4-102 “Every parent, guardian or other person having control or charge of any child who is a resident of this state and whose seventh birthday falls on or before September 15 of any year and who has not yet attained his sixteenth birthday or completed the tenth grade shall be required to send such child to, and such child shall be required to attend, a public or private school each year, during the entire time that the public school shall be in session in the district in which the pupil resides…”

Absence Procedure(s)

  • We request that parents/guardians contact the school on the day of their child’s absence or send a note to the office on the day she/he returns to excuse the absence.
  • If your student visits the doctor, please bring a note from the doctor to the Office to have the absence excused.
  • A doctor’s note is required to excuse students who miss five or more days of school due to illness.
  • Students who are absent 10 consecutive school days will be dropped from the school’s enrollment and will have to be re-enrolled by the parent/guardian.

Perfect Attendance: Students who achieve perfect attendance throughout the school year will be recognized at the end of the school year. Students who achieve perfect attendance will have no absences from class – including doctor’s excused absences – for every day that school is in session. School excused absences – for school activities - are not counted against a student for perfect attendance.

Excessive Absence Notification: In an effort to maintain the ninety percent (90%) attendance that is required to successfully complete all classes at middle school and address the problem of chronic absenteeism, Davis Middle School will adhere to the following attendance guidelines:

  • Students with 1-5 absences during the school year will receive automated phone calls from the attendance office. On the fifth absence, parents/guardians will receive a 5-day attendance letter from the school. The absence will then be reported to the appropriate grade level team for them to record and to keep them informed in case further action is required.
  • Students with 6-10 absences during the school year will receive automated phone calls with each absence. Parents/guardians will also receive phone calls, emails and/or texts from a teacher, counselor and/or administrator in order to discuss the absences and to explain how and if the absences are affecting the student’s academics. On the tenth absence, parents/guardians will receive a 10-day attendance letter from the school. The school team will ask the family and student to problem solve any barriers to school attendance, develop a plan of action and follow through until attendance has improved. This plan will be designed according to individual needs of the student and family.
  • Students with Eleven (11) or more absences during the school year will be contacted to set up a meeting with the parents/guardians and their student. It is believed that students who continue to miss school after a previous attendance plan was unsuccessful may need intensive supports in this area. Teachers, counselors, administrators and other personnel will attend this meeting where attendance will be discussed and appropriate supports decided upon. Community partners and services, (Department of Family Services, Uinta County Attorney, etc.), may also be part of a family’s plan at this level of intervention and information gathered from these meetings will then be shared by the school with these organizations.
  • We understand that students become ill, have family emergencies or opportunities to have enriching experiences outside of school during the school year. These excused and well-planned events will not require intervention. Our efforts are to address chronic, problematic school refusal and truancy. Thank you in advance for working with our school to improve their educational opportunities.