Activities, Clubs, Contests

Activities, Clubs, Contests


We encourage all students at Davis Middle School to be involved in the extra activities we make available.  Being involved enriches your learning experience. It is easy to get involved, you will be on a team and you will help make Davis “The Place To Be.” Don’t be afraid to participate.  We have many activities, clubs, and special opportunities to please every taste. Listen to daily announcements to learn about these activities as they happen.

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Boys Swimming
  • Girls Swimming
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Track
  • Girls Cross Country
  • Intramural Soccer
  • Student Council
  • Robotics
  • Math Counts
  • Academic Bowl
  • Spelling Bee
  • Geography Bee
  • Handbell Choir
  • Select Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • Yearbook
  • Theater

A physical and emergency card is REQUIRED BEFORE your students is allowed to try-out or participate in any sports related activity. Physicals for the current year need to be dated AFTER May 1, 2018. You are welcome to pick up a physical form in the DMS Office or the physician’s office should also have them. Your student athlete must be registered on FamilyID (  You will upload your physical form to that site.  Please follow the instructions on the website to complete the registration.  If you need help you can call either DMS office staff anytime after August 13th.  Paper physicals will NOT be accepted by the office or coach staff. Physicals must be uploaded onto Family ID.

Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • A student must be passing all subjects by Thursday at the end of the regular school day. Ineligibility lists are emailed to coaches on Monday and Thursday.
  • Students failing to meet requirements will lose their ability to participate in performances, games, competitions or recitals immediately from the next day (Friday) through the following Thursday.
  • Students will be required to attend practice during the ineligible period.
  • Students may be required to attend Study Tables and practice, if time permits.
  • Students may not travel with the team during the ineligible period.
  • Students cannot regain eligibility during the ineligible period.
  • A student must be on the Monday and Thursday list in the same course to be deemed academically ineligible.

Students absent from school on the day of the activity will not be eligible to participate in the event. Missing four classes or more constitutes a full day absence. In addition, students who are absent due to a school related activity are still responsible for requesting and making up any work missed.