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Please make sure all fees/fines are paid for in full. Students must have all fees/fines paid for in full in order to receive their yearbook and to participate in end of the year activities (such as going to Lagoon!) DMS is "The Place To Be!"
Student Handbook » Drug/Tobacco Free Environment

Drug/Tobacco Free Environment

Drug/Tobacco Free Environment

The Uinta County School District Number One Board of Trustees recognizes that the use of tobacco and tobacco products represents a health and safety hazard, which can have serious consequences for the tobacco user and nonuser and the safety of the District. Because the use of tobacco in the school and work environment is not conductive to good health and that as an educational organization, the District provides both effective educational programs and a positive example to students concerning the use of tobacco, the Board desires to establish a tobacco free environment within School District buildings, on school district property, and at all school functions and events.

Recognizing the negative impact of tobacco on users and nonusers alike and safety hazards caused by the use of tobacco and tobacco products, the Board declares all District buildings, District Property, and District vehicles operated by the Board and all spaces within them, to be officially designated tobacco free environments. Staff, students, parents, and members of the public are expected to observe this restriction at all times.

Alcohol, Drugs, Controlled Substances

There is no tolerance for students who possess, consume, or are under the influence of alcohol, drugs (including paraphernalia) or other controlled substances in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle, at the bus stop, or at any school-sponsored activity. SALE, EXCHANGE, PURCHASE, DISTRIBUTION or GIFT of drugs or other controlled substances as defined by state law, including anabolic steroids and prescription drugs will result in severe consequences that could include expulsion.


The USE or POSSESSION of tobacco products in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle, at the bus stop, or at any school sponsored activity is strictly prohibited in accordance with Wyoming State Law. Any student who is found in possession of tobacco will have school consequences AND a police referral will also be made and a citation/ticket may be issued.

Fireworks, Matches, Lighters

For safety reasons and to comply with the Evanston fire codes, these items and other incendiary devices are strictly forbidden. Students found using or being in possession of any of these items is subject to suspension and may be referred to the Evanston Fire Department for investigation.