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Other Important Information

Other Important Information

Fees/Fines: UCSD#1 allows middle schools to require a $25 Student Body Fee. The $25 Student Body Fee entails the following: $12.50 to the student’s specific grade level, $7.50 to Student Activities and $5 to the online service charge for fee payment. This fee benefits all students. In addition, all students are required to pay a $20 Technology User Fee every year for the use of their Chromebook.


End of Year Check Out: At the end of the year all students will be required to check out of school to ensure that they have:

  1. Turned in all books and equipment.
  2. Paid any fines or class fees – including negative lunch balances.
  3. Cleaned their locker.

This check out process will need to be completed prior to the last day of school.  Students who have not taken care of fees/fines will be notified via notices attached to 3-week and 6-week progress reports, and report cards throughout the school year. Students who owe fees/fines may not participate in end of the year activities and yearbooks will be held until all fees/fines are paid in full.  Fees/fines not paid by the last day of school will be carried over and added to the next school year’s registration fees. Students going to the High School will not receive credit until fines/fees are paid at all previous schools.