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Welcome Back Davis Middle School Students! DMS is "The Place To Be!"
Davis Middle School teachers standing on the stage at our talent show. They have large poster heads of other teachers held up to their faces for a comedy skit they performed.


July 31, 2018
Hello Parents and Students of Davis Middle School,
Welcome Back to Davis Middle School, we look forward to our best year ever. We have a super staff and a great group of students coming from our elementary schools. The stars are aligning to make Davis Middle School the BEST middle school in the state of Wyoming.
Last year we worked together to make Davis Middle School, “The Place To Be!” There were many moments where I saw greatness, discipline and dedication.  We are headed in the right direction as a school. Highlights last year were the efforts we have made to make Davis “The Place To Be.” Our TGI-Friday continued to motivate students to be at school, stay caught up on all of their work, have all passing grades and no behavior referrals. We increased our Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences from two per year to one every quarter. We adopted a new English Language Arts resource that will be in place this year. We ensured that every subject has identified their priority standards. We read Fish in a Tree as a school. Our Latino Parent Group continues to meet on a regular basis. We have the strongest middle school PTA in the State of Wyoming. We had more students passing all of their classes three of the four quarters as compared to the year before. Our eighth graders attended Teton Science School for the second year. This summer we started a summer science camp, where we were in the Uinta Mountains studying science for two weeks. It was an amazing experience for 45 students. We had 19 students less than the previous year who missed 10 or more days of school all year. We experienced a powerful school-wide effort to give our very best on the state assessment (WYTOPP). All students were trained on our behavior expectations. We are getting dialed in!
As this letter gets to you the first week of August, the one message that I want to continue to drive home is the importance of READING at home 20 minutes daily. I want every middle school student to find that home run book that sets them on the path of being an avid reader. The single best action parents can take for their children is to develop an expectation for reading at home daily. I have watched my wife set the expectation for our children to read every day this summer before they go on to other activities. I know this makes a big difference. This summer I asked Davis students to be keeping a reading log. These logs will need to be turned in on the first day of school. We have a pizza and ice cream sundae party, and movie at Aspen Theater planned for those students who turn in their logs.
Remember this year we will be providing professional development to all teachers on Monday mornings. This will allow our middle school students an opportunity to have critical time to make sure their week gets off to a positive start. On Mondays school will start at 8:50 instead of 7:50. Davis Middle School will still be open to students who wish to come early. We will serve breakfast starting at 7:20 and will have adults supervising and providing supports to students. If we all have a positive attitude this will be a good experience for everyone.
We want to extend our best wishes to those staff members who are moving on from Davis Middle School. Linda Lamb who was our lead lunch lady for 25 years retired, Lori Wester our School Nurse for last 35 years retired. Brett Smith our Eighth Grade Special Services Teacher will be leaving us to pursue a flying career. Mejar-Pillar Cobb, our 7th grade Paraprofessional, will be having a baby and spending quality time at home. Juanita Cendejas, one of our four custodians, moved up to Evanston High School. These people will be missed and we wish them nothing but the best.
We have hired Annette Swayze from Horizon to be our new Eighth Grade Special Services Teacher. She has such enthusiasm for teaching, amazing experience and will be a strong addition to our staff. Our new School Nurse is Jennifer Haviland, we already love her personality. Toni Rennard will be working with our lunch crew to make lunch fun and relaxing. We will be hiring a new custodian and Special Services Paraprofessional over the next few weeks. If you are interested in these positions contact me, Principal Brown at 789-8096.
Our PTA will be in their third year. The PTA was critical to our success last year. Our PTA President will be Gina Sims. Our Vice-President Tera Lawlar, the Secretary will be Holly Blair, Treasurer will be Dori Cox, our Membership Coordinator will be Etta Emmett. We thank these amazing women for their willingness to serve.
BIG NEWS! Davis Middle School will be recognized by the National PTA as a School of Excellence! This is a national recognition and one we should be very proud of. We Thank Gina Sims our PTA President for applying for this recognition and look forward to hearing more from the National PTA. I hope that our Davis parents and grandparents will join PTA. We want to have the largest/strongest PTA membership in Wyoming. As always we love volunteers at Davis. Please contact me if you are willing to volunteer.
I would ask all students and parents to help me with five student concerns:
Reading! - I need our students to read at home 20 minutes every night. The single factor that will push your child to being their very best is the volume of reading they do.
Math! - As a school we will be making huge strides to have 60%, then 70% and then 80% of our Davis students proficient in math. Please don’t let your students get behind in math. Let’s put a stop to anyone in the Davis Family saying, “I’m just not good at math.”
Be Here! - Make every effort to be at school every day.  
Be a Builder! - I hope our entire school family can commit to following the “Golden Rule” and treat others as you would want them to treat you. Let us be a school community that puts each other up and never down.
Respect! - We have the most amazing staff at Davis Middle School. I would ask our students to commit to showing the Davis Staff respect.
Please take the time to sign-up DMS on your Smith’s Earn and Learn card. We will have computers at registration to assist you with registering.
I encourage students to develop their leadership skills by being part of the Davis Student Council. Mary Bown is the advisor and we have great things planned for this group this year. Applications will be available at registration on August 15th. In October we will be going to BYU for leadership training.
We felt very good about our effort taking the WYTOPP. We will be getting the results this Fall and look forward to sharing those results with you.
There are five Davis goals we will continue to work on as a school community this year and we ask for your support in these five areas:
Goal 1:  Purposeful reading and writing in every discipline.
Goal 2:  Continue to increase and improve our Enrichment intervention.
Goal 3:  Mentoring - Teachers and staff having meaningful conversations with students and setting goals on a regular basis.
Goal 4:  Data - Students will be the keepers of their own data and will set meaningful goals for themselves.
Goal 5:  Communication - Our system will communicate effectively with all stakeholders.  
We will be narrowing our instructional/intervention focus during Enrichment this year. Our focus will be for the staff at Davis to improve their content knowledge in Math, for all students to improve their math skills, and for us as a school community to push 60% of our students to proficiency in math. We have not been able to break the ceiling of 60% and will strive to accomplish this goal this year.
The first year I was assigned to Davis Middle School we read Wonder by R.J. Palacio and focused on how we treat each other. Last year we read Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, and talked about how important reading is. This year we will be reading Restart by Gordon Korman. This book focuses on bullying and will support us in our efforts to wipe out bullying at Davis Middle School. I encourage you to go to Amazon and order this book for your student to read this year. This book will help us as a school commit to making Davis Middle School a bully free zone. If you are aware of any bullying issues at Davis, please let me know ASAP so we can meet it head on.
When you have an issue with a staff member at Davis Middle School, I would ask that you go to them first.  99% of issues will be solved through communication. I know that the Davis Staff is committed to the success of each child.
We have our Facebook page and hope you all take the time to “like us.” We will also be using our Alert Solutions Powerschool Program to give you all a reminder about Registration on August 15th from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our Back-To-School/Open House is scheduled for August 22nd from 4:00-5:30 pm. Please visit our Davis Website www.uinta1.com where you will find everything you need for registration and getting off to a good start. Save the date to meet your amazing teachers.
I look forward to being the Principal at Davis Middle School and I know that together we will make Davis Middle School “The Place To Be!”
Thanks for your support,
Christopher James Brown
Principal-Davis Middle School
“If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics. “
Galileo Galilei
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