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PAWS testing will take place at DMS on March 13, 14, & 15th. Parents, PLEASE do everything you can to have your child here on those dates to avoid having to do test make-ups.  Please reschedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments if possible. 

Principal Brown "boogy-ing" on stage with the ballroom dancers

Veteran's Day Tribute to Benjamin Beach

DMS 8th Grade Team on Twin Day

Davis Middle School front office crew

Our wonderful Davis staff hanging our new Davis Middle School entrance sign

Boys Basketball Practice - Coach Randy Barker giving the boys a pep talk

The Peach Sisters at Davis Middle School

Demon 200 Club Winner - Savanna Hatch

Principal Power

Quality time on the man-lift hanging "Our Goals"

Student Council 

September 11th Tribute - 2016


March/April Principal Message

I want to thank all parents and students for making the effort to be here March 13, 14 and 15.  I have a great feeling about your students and their commitment to do their very best on the PAWS.  I look forward to seeing our results this summer.  I also think it was a good idea for us to do the three Power Days of testing.  This seemed to work well for students and does save us instructional time.  The students developed their PAWS call out during Principal Power.  The call out that received the most votes was “Why Be Average, When We Can Be Savage!”  “We are allergic to Average!”, and we are all focused on “CRUSHING the TEST.”  

Presently we have 50-60% of students scoring proficient on the PAWS.  Our goal is to grow each year by 5% until we reach 80% of students scoring proficient or advanced.  The best way for Davis parents to support us reaching our goal is to ensure that your middle schooler is reading a great book every night, without exception.  I would also encourage parents to have their children writing in a journal daily.  If these two things are not happening in your home now, for the success of your child, please force them to start doing them now.

Finally, please don’t let up on attendance.  Help us to have our students here daily.

Chris Brown
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