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Welcome back to our 2017-2018 Davis Middle School students! DMS is "The Place To Be!"


Principal’s Message
December 2017
A HUGE Thank You to all of our students, parents, friends and family for supporting our Demon Challenge PTA Fundraiser.  It was a huge success and we appreciate your sacrifice.  
Great NEWS!  The Davis PTA has the most members of any school in the Great State of Wyoming!  Only a year ago we didn’t even have a PTA and today we have more members than any school in Wyoming.  This tells us that anything is possible!  Now let’s work together to have the highest scoring students on the WY-TOPP in Wyoming! We can do it!  If you are still not a part of the Davis PTA you can call Terra Brown at 679-5890 .
Last week in Principal Power I shared with the Davis student-body the Comprehension Progress Monitoring of seven students.  These seven students took the challenge to read every night for four weeks.  All seven students saw great growth.  Simple interventions can make a difference.  If your child is not reading at home 20 minutes every night please make this happen in your home.  We recently honored Vietnam War Veteran, Darrell French.  When he was in school as a young boy his handwriting was not very good.  How did he overcome this?  Every night for hours his father made him practice his handwriting until it was excellent!  The difference was made at home.  We must be equal partners at home and school to achieve greatness,
WE STILL NEED PARENTS!   Each day from 9:30-10:00 we run our Enrichment Program.  This program provides reading and math instruction at the point that students need it.  We would love parents to help us with this program. Every Friday we have TGI-Friday and would love some parents to help us by teaching a fun class.  Please contact Principal Chris Brown if you can help.
We had only 30 students with D’s or F’s at the end of Quarter One.  I believe it was because we had our Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences  two weeks early first quarter.  We are four weeks into Second Quarter.  Check your child’s grades and make sure there are no grades below a “C.”  We need to be getting better each quarter.
Please take the time at home to discuss with your child the appropriate use of cell phones and Chromebooks.  I feel that middle school is not developmentally the best time for students to have cell phones.  Please reinforce the importance of avoiding pornography and bullying with these devices.  Thanks for your support!
In my 27 years in education, one of my most memorable moments took place on November 10th, the day we honored Veteran Darrell French.  Several times I looked out at our student-body who were nothing but united and respectful.  I wanted to go out and hug every one of them.  Thanks for the amazing students you send to Davis every day.  I am proud to be their Principal.
Chris Brown