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Welcome back to our 2017-2018 Davis Middle School students! DMS is "The Place To Be!"


Principal’s Message
October 2017
Last Friday the Davis Student Body met with me in the Auditorium.  We drew out nine names of students who were Advanced, Proficient or grew levels of proficiency on the PAWS last spring. Each of these students we awarded a $100 bill with Benjamin Franklin smiling at them.  We are proud of all our students and the effort they gave to be their very best.  Please encourage your children to work hard and give their very best.
At Davis we just gave all of our students a reading comprehension screener.  The screener initially shows us that 20% of our students are at risk readers.  On our end of year summative assessments (PAWS) we have 54% of our students scoring Proficient or Advanced.  I have a strong suspicion that the majority of our students who are at risk,  are not reading at home.  I randomly selected five students from each grade level who are at risk readers and asked them if they are reading at home every night. Of the 15 students, only three indicated that they are reading at home.  I am pleading with every Davis parent to do whatever it takes to ensure that your children are reading at home every night.  We all want to close this gap and what will make the single greatest impact is the amount of reading that our students are doing every day.  This daily reading at home, should be a book that they enjoy and that is on, or above their reading level.  If you build the habit in your children of reading something enjoyable at home every night, you will enrich their lives forever.
Remember we are offering Study Tables on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every week from 3:00-4:00.  Snacks are provided.  We encourage you to have your children stay.  They can complete their homework, get support, and then only have to read at home.  This is a real Win/Win for students, parents and teachers.  Any students who have a grade below a “C” are expected to be staying for Study Tables.  If there are any students who can’t attend Study Tables because we no longer run busses, let me know and we will do what we can to get these students a ride home.
WE NEED PARENTS!   Each day from 9:30-10:00 we run our Enrichment Program.  This program provides reading and math instruction at the point that students need it.  We would love parents to help us with this program. Every Friday we have TGI-Friday and would love some parents to help us by teaching a fun class.  We had one parent last year who taught a cooking class that the students loved. Please contact Principal Chris Brown if you can help.
Another reminder  that our Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences are different this year.  Our first conference will be held on October 12, next Thursday.  We will hold conferences arena style in the gym from 5:00-7:00, and then have scheduled conferences from 7:00-8:00.  This conference is held two weeks before the end of the quarter, allowing for time to fix any concerns.  We will also hold conferences on November 3rd.  8:00-9:00 will be for parents to drop in and 9:00-12:00 will be for scheduled conferences.
Davis Middle School is working to become High Reliability School.  As part of this process there is a parent survey that needs to be completed by our wonderful and supportive parents.  I will be emailing this survey to you ASAP.  We will also post this survey on our Facebook page and school website.  Please take the time to give us this valuable feedback.
Our PTA is off to a super start and hoping to have the highest membership in the state.  I encourage our parents to join the Davis PTA.  You can call Terra Brown at 679-5890 if you want to join.
We had a great September!  I love the students at Davis Middle School and feel fortunate to work with your children.  We have an amazing staff at Davis who are working hard every day to give your students a great education.
Chris Brown