Horizon's had a great year with new Principal Payne


As many of you know, this is my first year as principal anywhere and I am so excited and happy to have the opportunity to work with every student and staff member and unique and remarkable school. I am incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of instructors support staff members,


At Horizon, we enjoy and benefit from a close, supportive environment. I’d like to thank and recognize our staff for everything they do to make this school and what happens here exceptional.  Everyone working here really values the well being of our students, each other and of this school.  Each of our teachers are experts in building and maintaining the kind of a place where we all want to be and where students grow, learn and are accepted.  We simply have great folks doing great things every day at Horizon.  


Thank you students and parents for valuing your education and for giving us the opportunity to help you further both. Also, a big thanks to each and every student and parent who push to consistently be here and support each other.  Without your efforts every day it would be impossible to ever have a school where so many students feel valued, accepted and supported.  


Students - I also want to thank you for your positive interactions with our staff and in particular with me as the new principal this year.   As adults, we can only take steps to build positive relationships and help many of you navigate through hard things in your world.  It’s you who do the real work. You are the ones committed to improvement, to learning, to attending.  Thank you for everything you do to make Horizon great.   


With sincere appreciation 

W. Bren Payne

Principal Horizon High school 


Together We Rise