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Our school nurse is Tiffany Windley! The nurse’s room is located in the main office.  Her goal is to provide a continuum of services for all students, including those with special needs as well as to ensure a safe, positive, appropriate learning environment for all students.

If you feel we need to be aware of some health concerns your child may have, such as hearing or vision problems, starting some new medication, or any other health concerns which may impact your child while here at school,  please notify us at 789-8096.

If your child is sick, or seriously injured, I or a staff member will assist  your child in calling parents/guardians or emergency contact people listed on their school records to be taken home or to the hospital if necessary.

In addition, when your child is sick, we will need you to make transportation arrangements. Please make sure we have the most up to date phone numbers such as work, home, cell phone and most importantly, emergency contact references for your child.  If the parents/guardians cannot be reached and it is an emergency, 911 will be called.

If medicine must be taken during school, Mrs. Windley or a trained staff member designated by the Principal, will administer the medication. All medications will be stored in the nurse's locked medicine cabinet unless specified otherwise by written "Doctor's Orders" (see Medication Policy).

 Written "Doctor’s Orders" are required for all prescription medication in addition to a signed “Parent Permission”  form.

"Parent Permission" forms are required as well for all over-the-counter medications and are available in the school office. 

All medications must be in the prescription bottle or the original container and must be age appropriate for your child. Medications will not be accepted if they are expired.

Routine screening for height/weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing, dental and scoliosis will be provided to students as scheduled.