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“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by.”  -Jeannette Wall
July 24, 2019

Hello Parents and Students of Davis Middle School,
I hope your summer has been full of great books and memorable experiences.  I have read four amazing books this summer. Mrs. Platt recommended I’ll Always Write Back for our school to read this coming school year.  I loved reading this book this summer and look forward to sharing it with our students.  Make sure to keep track of your summer reading minutes. Never forget parents that best way to support your student’s success is to make sure they are reading every day a book they enjoy.
We had a successful completion of the WY-TOPP at Davis Middle School. Davis students scored above the state in six of the seven reported areas. Our Eighth Grade students scored 18% higher than last year and 18% above the state average in math. DMS saw a 5% growth in five of our seven reported areas. These are the most exciting results we have experienced in the three years that I have been the Principal at Davis. I am very excited about our growth. We went from 2/7 reported areas above 60% of students being proficient to 4/7 this year. Next year our goal will again be to have all reported areas above 60%.  Davis continues to grow and remains “The Place To Be!”

To get our year off on the right foot, I will be meeting with all students and their parents who had concerns with academics, attendance or behavior last year so that we can get off on the right foot this year.  I will be scheduling these meetings for August 8th and 9th. If you are scheduled please make every effort to meet with meet with me at your scheduled time.

We welcome to Davis Jonathan Cantrell our new Band Teacher, David Minton our new 7th Grade Science Teacher, and Wendy Daniels our new Media/Computer Science Director.  They are all super additions to our Davis family. We will be hiring our new paraprofessionals in August. If any of our parents are interested, please let me know ASAP.

We will again be providing professional development to all teachers on Monday mornings. This will allow our middle school students and teachers an opportunity to have critical time to make sure their week gets off to a positive start. On Mondays school will start at 8:50 instead of 7:50.

Davis Middle School for our second year is a PTA National School of Excellence.  Our PTA will be in their fourth year. The PTA was critical to our success last year. Our PTA President will be Gina Sims. Our Vice-President Tera Lawlar, the Secretary will be Megan Hamilton, Treasurer will be Natalie Dover, our Membership Coordinator will be Angie Hatch. We thank these amazing women for their willingness to serve.

I would ask all students and parents to help me with five student concerns:

Reading! - I need our students to read at home 20 minutes every night. The single factor that will push your child to being their very best is the volume of reading they do.
Math! - As a school we will be making huge strides to have 60%, then 70% and then 80% of our Davis students proficient in math. Please don’t let your students get behind in math. Let’s put a stop to anyone in the Davis Family saying, “I’m just not good at math.”  Please be positive about our math support during Enrichment. We will also be adding reading support to every fourth week of Enrichment this year.
Be Here! - Make every effort to be at school every day.  
Be a Builder! - I hope our entire school family can commit to following the “Golden Rule” and treat others as you would want them to treat you. Let us be a school community that puts each other up and never down.
EFFORT! - Come to Davis to give your best.  New Seventh Graders remember to “Be The Lions” and New Eighth Graders remember to be the Phoenix.
I am reminding my new eighth grade students that their theme this year is to “Be the Phoenix” and to rise from the ashes to be something amazing.  Our new seventh grader’s theme is to “Be the Lions” and stand up for anyone who is in trouble and needs support.

Remember to sign-up Davis Middle School as your Smith Earn and Learn School in August.  You have to renew your school of choice every year. This financial support is a great boost.

I wake up each morning looking forward to another great day and the Wyoming School that is “The Place To Be!”  Davis Middle School. Let’s make 2019-2020 our very BEST year!

Important Upcoming Dates:
Date Time Activity
August 8 PowerSchool Portal opens for online registration
August 14 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Davis Registration & Picture Day for all students
August 21 4:00-5:30 Davis Back To School Night
5:30-6:00 Teton Science Parent/Student Meeting (For students not already signed up or needing to make a deposit)
August 26 8:30 First Day of School-Late Start Monday, First Day of Football & Volleyball
August 30 Welcome Back Assembly

Thanks for your support,

Christopher James Brown
Principal-Davis Middle School
“Between the Pages of a Book is a Wonderful Place to Be!”
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