Davis Middle School Newsletter
Principal’s Message
November 2019
The Mission of Davis Middle School is that Davis is the place where everyone is cared about, and where high levels of learning take place for all.
When we think about the word “ALL” we are committing to high levels of learning for every student.  Reaching this goal will require partnerships and high levels of commitment.  I am more convinced than ever that where families and school form true partnerships, where we work to support each other’s goals, where student learning is our highest priority we can find success.
According to John Hattie’s research, student self efficacy has a .92 effect size, which means, if students believe in their ability and know that they can be successful you can see two years of growth in a single year.  Positive family and home dynamics has a .52 effect size and parent involvement has a .50 effect size. My message is clear. We need our parents as partners in this work. I need parents looking at their child’s grades daily, and if there are any grades below a “B” parents are requiring students to stay for Study Table.  I need parents asking teachers what skills their child is weak in and then supporting students to master those skills through support at home or with a tutor. I need parents to go to extraordinary measures to make sure your children are in school.
I remind our Davis Middle School Parents that you are our single greatest and most underutilized natural resource.  For those students lacking skills we need parents to unite to help us master those lacking skills.
I need the parents of our students who are Basic or Below Basic in English/Language Arts to be reading with their child every night, in a high interest book at home.  I need students to be able to identify the theme or central ideas of the texts they are reading and be able to cite textual evidence. If you can’t support your child in doing this nightly, then you need to make sure they are involved in before or after school interventions.
Thanks for all you do as parents to support our students success. Davis Middle School is “The Place To Be!”
Chris Brown